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Weymouth Sail Sports
National Sailing Academy
Portland, Dorset

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Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS)

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Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS)

7mm diameter

Available in Blue.

This line has won Gold, Silver and Bronze in Sydney in the Laser class - it has also been used in other classes with great success - It has also won: the Topper Nationals, Enterprise worlds (jib and mainsheet) Solo Worlds and Nationals.

Please Note.

It is strongly advisable to wash the Polilite mainsheet in the washing machine on a cold wash with a little powder to wash out any oils from the rope. These oils were used to allow the rope to be made extra tight with more body, so that it kinks less when it is used, but would make the rope slippery for the first 3 or 4 days of use. Always treat it with respect and coil it up (climbing rope style) so kinks or twists never form. Please check the outer core for wear as this is the load bearer (we recommend that you change the rope after 1 year of weekend use. When you rig the boat) please ensure that all the coils and kinks are taken out of the rope before you dead end it in the boat (the rope will not absorb or create kinks from then on).

Weymouth Sail Sports is a leading supplier of Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS) based at the UK National Sailing Academy Portland Harbour Dorset. Our store and our UK online chandlery can supply you with Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS) quickly and reliably 24 hours a day (online). When it comes to paying for your Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS) we use UK banks and do not store card information for your security. Need more information on Optimist - Rooster Polylite Mainsheet 7m (OPTI-RRMS)? Just give us a call and quote product ID 8850359.